The Firewood Exchange makes it easy to get your wood in for the winter. We work exclusively with local woodlot owners and woodsmen to make sure that you get the best wood, for the best price and that all the details are taken care of. No more searching through the classifieds looking for firewood providers who are so busy cutting and splitting your wood that they don’t have time to answer their phone (or respond to their emails). We make sure your wood is high quality, the right quantity and that the service provided by our firewood providers is consistently excellent Click here or click on your county to order your firewood!

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Hey, let’s face it, New Brunswick firewood providers have a lot of work to to do. They don’t always have time to respond to emails and telephone calls when they’re busy cutting, splitting and delivering your firewood. This is where we come in. We connect New Brunswick’s firewood suppliers with people who need to heat their homes and businesses. We make sure that your wood is easy to order, gets put in the right place when delivered and most importantly, we ensure that you get exactly what you ordered. We charge a small fee for our services but you save in the long run because with the Firewood Exchange you can be confident of the quality, quantity and delivery of your firewood.